Things to Do with Friends While Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana can be a solitary activity, but many people enjoy the experience more among friends. While just being together, chilling in a relaxing, friendly and comfortable atmosphere, doing nothing is a great thing to do while smoking, there are lots of other things to do as well. Here are a few examples.


Some strains will make you want to just lay on the couch, but there are others that will fill you with energy and will make you want to move. It is important to pair the right type of weed with the right type of music – slow, ambient music is not suitable when everyone is eager to dance away the stress of everyday life.


Some strains will put you in a meditative state, but will also energize you – in other words, they can help you and your friends get into the perfect state of mind for yoga. The muscle relaxing effects of weed will make your body more flexible and will further improve the efficiency of your yoga poses.

Play Games

Whether it is some funny weed game, such as Medusa, a board game that everyone likes or a game that involves some guitar playing or singing, games are great for exploring the cheerful side of being stoned. If everyone is in the right mood, you and your friends can even invent your own games using a set of Jenga blocks, cards or an old board game.

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Cook Together

When the high is over, everyone will feel the effects of burning some fuel – in other words, everyone will feel hungry and thirsty. If you and your friends like cooking, you can prepare dishes that none of you has ever tried before or you can take your time to prepare an elaborate meal together. If this is the activity of choice, make sure you do it in a well-equipped and well-stacked kitchen – weed is known to boost creativity, so if someone in your group has a great idea for an ingredient to use in the meal, it is a good thing to have that ingredient at hand. Maybe even get some recipes that use marijuana! Shop at the best dispensaries in Pueblo Colorado for weed options.

Look at Old Photos

This might sound like the simplest activity, but looking at old photos, either in albums or on social media is one of the funniest things to do when stoned. Things look slightly different when you are stoned, even pics in which you look serious can make you laugh because you will notice how funny your hair looked when the pic was taken.

Watch a Funny Movie

Even the funniest of comedies are better when you are stoned and you have your friends around. Pick a comedy that everyone knows and play it – you will notice jokes, funny situations and punch lines that you have overlooked before, no matter how many times you have seen the movie.

Have a Bubble Blowing Contest

It might sound childish, but blowing soap bubbles is a hilarious and harmless way to have great fun. You can also try catching them for some added physical activity and for releasing even more endorphines.