Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Illegal?

Psychedelic mushrooms, also called magic mushrooms, shrooms or psilocybin mushrooms, are mushroom varieties that, in developed form, contain psilocybin, a compound that give these mushrooms the properties due to which they have been used by tribal cultures in many parts of the world as a psychotropic agent during divination rituals, but also a compound that is included on the official lists of controlled substances in many countries in the world, including the USA. However, the legal status of psychedelic mushrooms is a lot more complicated than this – here are some things that you should also know about the topic.

Where Are Psychedelic Mushrooms Illegal?

These special mushrooms are illegal in most parts of the world, but there is a decriminalization trend meaning that the repercussions related to handling these mushrooms have become less severe. There are currently three municipalities in the US that have already decriminalized psychedelic mushrooms – Denver, Colorado; Oakland and Santa Cruz in California –, but as more and more research studies prove the great health benefits of administering psilocybin among controlled circumstances and as more studies confirm that psilocybin is not addictive, there will probably more places that join in and decriminalize psilocybin.

What Makes These Mushrooms Illegal?

The feature that makes these mushrooms illegal to possess, to use, to sell and to transport is their content of psilocybin, a compound of known hallucinogenic effects. This also means that mushrooms are illegal only if they contain the compound and only in forms that contain that compound. Psychedelic mushrooms develop psilocybin only after the spores start transforming and grow into mushrooms, which also means that manipulating the spores of psychedelic mushrooms is not illegal at all.

Why Are Psilocybin Mushroom Spores Interesting?

Psychedelic mushroom spores are interesting for amateur mycologists as well as for scientific research facilities. Amateurs passionate about mycology might find the spores interesting to study under a microscope and they can also use them to create spectacular spore prints.

magic mushroom spores

The magic mushroom spores hold even more potential and are even more interesting for scientists – here are some areas and directions of study and research:

  • Researching the composition of the spores and the ways that psilocybin affects the nervous system and the human body as a whole – the research studies conducted until now have revealed numerous ways in which psychedelic mushrooms have positive emotional, mental, cognitive and physiological effects. Research is likely to continue to reveal how spores can be used as well as into revealing further health benefits;
  • Medicinal uses – psilocybin has already proved its worth in the treatment of depression and anxiety – one or two doses administered among controlled circumstances have been efficient in relieving even severe symptoms. One study conducted into the medicinal effects of the compound revealed its uses in the treatment in the severe existential anxiety experienced by cancer patients, while another study revealed the efficiency of the compound in the treatment of addictions, such as its uses as an aid in smoking cessation. The direction is likely to continue in the future, too, revealing even more benefits of administering the compound either in the form of larger doses or as micro-doses.